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What is your warranty ?

We will warranty our work for as long as you live at that address.

It covers our material bonding to the surface we apply it to.

It should be clean, sound, concrete.

This may involve removing old paint, or coatings before application, at an additional cost.

I have Chattahoochee stone on my pool deck.

It is always better to remove the stone, but depending on your budget and how long you plan on staying in your home. We do cover Chattahoochee stone that we feel is in good enough condition to resurface.

We have covered Chattahoochee stone for twenty years.

But we have to personally inspect every area before work is started.

What is the difference between Kool Deck, Keystone, and Tuff Deck.

Kool Deck and Keystone are similar and the main difference is the additives and sealers we use. Call for more information on this subject.

What is this product made of ?

Tuff Deck is a modified acrylic cement based product consisting of Portland cement , silica sand and acrylic resins that can be applied in a variety of colors, textures and designs.

For a detailed description go to the link we have to Florida Waterproofing Supply.

How does this compare to real tile or real stone ?

Our prices vary on many different conditions, so we can not give estimates without personally inspecting your home.

We charge by the square foot, job site access , amount of material, condition of substrate, and other variables.

To compare our prices to other materials remember the price we quote you includes material and labor..

Other flooring and decking materials require you to buy the tile (plus 10% extra for cutting, breakage, etc.), setting materials, grout, and other items. THEN get someone to set the tile. So make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Will it raise the edge of my deck above the coping of my pool ?

One of the great features of Tuff Deck is the ability to feather down to "zero" edges, so your deck will not have a lip or edge around your pool . Also around screen encloses and doors, thresholds and cabinets.

Is it non-slip ?

We offer a variety of textures and designs that can be applied around pools or other areas without being slippery.

Is it hot ?

Depending on the design and color chosen Tuff Deck will be cooler than plain concrete.

How long does it take to finish ?

Most applications will take between 2-5 days. More if extensive prep is required.

How far will you travel ?

Most work is done in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, we will travel from West Palm Beach north to Martin county , with no additional charge. Farther than that there will be a modest up charge. We have done work in Key Biscayne, Orlando, Jacksonville . I guess we're worth it.

What if I have cracks in my concrete ?

We have discovered over 20 years that concrete cracks for several reasons. Shrinkage soon after pouring the concrete, unstable substrate under the concrete Subject to loads beyond its weight capacity. Lack of control joints in large irregular shaped slabs.

Most cracks will continue to move no matter how well you attempt to keep them connected. Therefore we would rather "work with" the crack. That is put the crack in the design of the deck to camouflage the crack. If the crack returns it will crack in an area that is not as visible. If further repair is required it is easily repaired with out major reconstruction.

What about the drain in my deck.

Our surfaces will feather down to the edge of the drain with out changing the direction the water runs.

We can replace your drain, if it no longer works, with several different size drains.

If the Tuff Deck is sealed , will it need to be resealed ?

Here in Florida, the sun is one of the harshest elements , and will break down all coatings exposed to the tropical sunlight over time.

We recommend that depending the exposure to the sun , the surfaces be resealed 3-5 years .

Better to wait a bit longer than to do it too often.

Should I drain the pool when you come ?

No need , We take measures to protect the pool in addition to any structures that can't be moved.

How do I keep it clean ?

Usually a regular hosing off will keep the surface clean. It can also be pressure washed after 30 days.

Can low spots be removed ?

Usually "bird baths" as we call them, can be addressed during surface prep. If the problem is extensive, additional attention can be payed to getting rid of standing water.

How long will this last product last ?

We have work down for over 20 years and with regular cleaning and maintenance should last a lifetime.

Do I have to call you to re-seal the deck in 3-5 years.

We will do it , or tell you how to do it yourself.

How many colors do you have ?

We have dozens of colors to chose from.

Some of the systems can be tinted to any color you need for a small additional charge.

What about driving on it ?

Driving has no effect after the Tuff Deck is cured, (4 days)

The sealer is resistant to gas and oil.

Can you go over tile?

We would have to personally look at each situation .

Can you go over paint?

It will adhere to paint...BUT the paint doesn't always stick to the concrete, hence we would advise to have the paint removed.